Tracy Charlotte Power

Media & Networking

“I have lived with type 1 diabetes for almost 20 years, since my diagnosis at the age of 17. In 2018 I was blessed to receive a pancreas transplant along with my life saving kidney transplant, in facing serious complications and multiple conditions. I no longer require insulin therapy and have a fully functional pancreas.

So why am I still immersed in the world of diabetes? Because I understand only too well how this condition is completely unique, unlike any other; one requires 24/7 care and diligence. Support, education and empowerment is needed to live with this; without those fundamental tools, it is a very difficult and demanding condition for anyone to deal with. I want to be part of a movement that passes on the skills and tools needed; I am passionate about helping those living and dealing with type 1 diabetes and want to pass on what I have learnt through my own experience.

My career in TV and Film Production is where my knowledge of the media and marketing industry was born and raised, leading me to have involvement in crowdfunding, campaigning, fundraising, corporate responsibility and working alongside various charities. My involvement with DiAthlete came about when I met Gavin at a Type 1 Diabetes Patient Day at Addenbrookes Hospital, where I received my Kidney and pancreas transplant. We met back in 2015 and hearing Gavin’s personal story and his ambition to change the way an individual views their own diabetes, spurred me on to make a similar impact. He and I have become good friends and share a focus and vision to empower people living with the condition to be their own champions.”


Jennifer Dunn

Secretarial & Risk Assessments

“As a parent of a child with Type 1 Diabetes, I have firsthand experienced the detailed and emotional challenges of this condition in caring for my son, Andrew. Throughout the years since he was diagnosed, that knowledge has had to be learnt and expanded across the daily essentials in mealtimes and carbohydrate counting (initially with injections) to the use of the evolving technologies such as Insulin Pumps and CGMs.”

Throughout her career Jennifer has held a number of positions including office manager, personal assistant, customer manager and most recently a risk manager for Ministry of Defence. Using a multi range of skills such as stakeholder management, project management and collaboration Jennifer founded the Defence Infrastructure Organisation Disability Network in January 2018, providing support for colleagues with disabilities including hidden disabilities and those who care for a loved one with varying conditions.  The network has matured over the last 2 years with established governance in place which has aided a number of initiatives to be introduced MOD wide such as the carers passport and ensuring accessibility is both recognised and supported across the organisation. In December 2019 Jennifer was awarded a DIO recognised values award for integrity for founding the network which was presented to her by the Chief Executive. In previous years Jennifer has also been nominated for both engagement and collaboration awards whilst working for the same organisation.

Sara Thomas

Finance & Administration

“I am a parent of a child with type 1. My son Jarvis was diagnosed in 2008, when he was 4 years old, he is now 17.

Because of his age on diagnosis, I took charge of looking after his diabetes, obviously as he has grown, he has taken on the responsibility of looking after himself, although he still likes me to do his cannula change. As his parent it can be difficult to take a step back and allow him to take the control.

Jarvis is very keen on sport, he has played football since the age of 6 and has recently moved up to senior football, he also enjoys working out, jogging and boxing.

We as a family, have known Gavin for several years and have followed and supported him.

I was thrilled when asked to be a trustee of the DiAthlete charity, as I believe in what it stands for and know it will help many others living with diabetes.”


Gavin Griffiths

Chair & Founder

Honorary Member of International Society of Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes (ISPAD); Royal Commonwealth Society (RCS) Associate Fellow; International Diabetes Federation (IDF) Lifetime Achievement Award (2019); Citizen of Honor in Targu Mures, Romania; London Borough of Bexley Civic Award (2014); BA Hons in Media Writing. Gavin Griffiths founded DiAthlete, in initially setting out to support and inspire others with the same condition he lives with by running marathon challenges and keeping a blog about the adventures – the first version of ‘’

“In my life with type 1 diabetes, I would say the biggest hurdle was finding that level of acceptance within myself with this – realising that I could make a life for myself, that I wasn’t so different to others, just with more self-responsibility. Once I stopped viewing diabetes as this enemy in my life, the possibilities opened up that I could achieve anything, from sports to all adventures. I’ve been blessed to make friends around the world with this condition in common, and I’m happy to have ran challenges in many lands and continents to have proven to myself it can be possible. My message is, use this to go and prove it to yourself in life too!”