"Turning up at the challenge intro and registration event with my baggy football shorts on and Diathlete hoody, with a bicycle 🚲 I had borrowed from a friend down my street (before he knew of it)  who had acquired it for £100 some years before,  it soon hit me that I might not be so

Manhattan Marathons

Written by Gavin Griffiths. The goal was to raise funds for Marjorie's Fund, that was the essential part! The challenge was to inspire fundraising by taking on running 7 marathons in 7 days in living with type 1 diabetes, starting and finishing in Manhattan, New York - where Marjorie's Fund and their founders Dr. Jason

DIA Session, Oxford

Gavin will be teaming with the Oxford University Hospitals diabetes team to host a 'DIA Session' workshop for local young adult type 1 patients in the 'transitional age group.'  Gavin's attendance is sponsored by Dexcom UK & Ireland. DIA Sessions talk about diabetes and drugs, sexual intercourse and alcohol in a very informal, sociable style


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