#T1DGlobal is a unique conference of the League of DiAthletes network, which shares a connected platform of international voices living with type 1 diabetes to provide a diverse insight into the world of diabetes and empowering life stories, whilst further hosting a “Question Time” styled panel of invited health professionals, patient & caregiver advocates, industry leaders and political influencers in diabetes healthcare to debate essential topics with alternative perspectives.

The First T1D Global Conference was #T1DGlobal17 held in the iconic Old Royal Naval College in London’s Greenwich, 11th November 2017. 200 delegates attended with guest speakers Sana Ajmal from Pakistan sharing her journey of diabetes acceptance in facing levels of discrimination as a girl growing up with a serious medical condition, seen as unfit for marriage or motherhood, with a lack of general understanding about diabetes in the country, to becoming a qualified doctor, wife and mother. And Officer Andy Wilson shared his journey of going on to protect the countries home of democracy whilst also living with type 1 diabetes in his daily work at the Palace of Westminster. In an emotional talk, Andy shared of the sad experience he and Gavin had earlier that year in the Westminster Bridge attack before leading the tribute of 2 minutes silence at 11am commemorating the loss of his colleague PC Palmer. After the conference, the LOD team who formed the first T1D Global Panel, Sana (Pakistan), Paula & Dani (Costa Rica), Lucas (USA), Fred (Ghana), Nikki (Australia), Naty (Brazil) and Mohammad (Kuwait) attended the Palace of Westminster for a private tour of Britain’s democratic home by Officer Wilson.

In 2018, the 2nd T1D Global conference #T1DGlobal18 was held again in Greenwich. Dr Partha Kar, Dr Rob Andrews, Francesca Annan & Katarzyna Gajewska connected in a healthcare professional panel with a connected parents perspective where Angela Griffiths joined the panel. The Global Panel connected in with LOD’s Global Training delegation with representing ‘DiAdvocates’ from Australia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Greece, India, Kuwait, Nigeria, Pakistan & Romania forming the Global Panel. After the conference, the attendees watched the England vs Sweden Quarter Final of the Football World Cup with a brief belief that it was coming home…

In 2019, the Conference went overseas outside of the UK for the first time, held in San Jose, Costa Rica. #T1DGlobal19 is the largest patient held event in diabetes care that the country has ever received with 300 delegates attending, where the LOD DiAdvocates taking on the LOD Global Challenge collaborated to form the Global Panel and operate sessions for attending children, and a Healthcare Professional panel was also formed.

#T1DGlobal2020 targets to be both the 4th and 5th edition of this conference, to be held in the Kuwait and the United Kingdom.