Type 1 diabetes education is essential – but it needs to be presented in a relatable manner, it needs to be given with encouragement!
Far too many people living with type 1 diabetes – in particularly the young adults, adolescents and children who are diagnosed – face major hurdles with this condition, with a lack of understanding and guidance available for them. It is in many ways a natural reaction post diagnosis to build up a Donald-Trump-esque wall and try to shut diabetes out completely – which only negatively impacts that person’s health, little do they know about it – and this can lead to avoidable problems: from long term complications to short term risks, and even deaths. It also means in health care terms higher expenses long term required to save lives and keep people well. We believe that from day 1 of diagnosis to type 1 diabetes, lets work on the positives and empowerment factor to go with the crucial understanding of this condition. An hey, as people who have life experiences with this, we can have a major positive impact on other people’s lives.
DiAthlete operates practical forms of education through workshops and Gavin, the founder, offers public speaking services for both the medical professionals in diabetes health care and, importantly, the people and communities living each day with this. We believe in networking to be open and to share our various experiences, and wish to provide as much encouragement as possible for the next generation to ride this wave of empowerment too. Ultimately, because of type 1 diabetes, we have all the motivation right there to go on and live full, healthy and successful lives. #TeamDiAthlete