• BORN: 13th August 1991

  • HOME: London, England, United Kingdom

  • DIAGNOSED: 7th January 2000

  • FIRST ENDURANCE CHALLENGE: 23rd August 2008, 29 mile Thanet Coastal Run

  • BIGGEST ENDURANCE CHALLENGE: GBR 30/30 Challenge, 900 miles by running 30 miles every day for 30 days

  • FURTHEST TRAVELLED: Suva, Fiji, during the DiAthlete Global Tour 2017

Gavin Griffiths was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January 2000. He initially struggled to settle into life with the condition, feeling different and insecure about it particularly when returning to school and with many uncertainties when it came to the sports he loved with diabetes. These uncertainties never seemed to have many clear answers but for trial and error. It left him feeling uncomfortable to ever talk about diabetes, seeing it as this daily burden; becoming shy in class time, rebellious in home-time and not wanting to check levels or be seen taking insulin shots. In a moment during secondary school, when Gavin competed in a Sports Day for the first time as a teenager and won a 800m race, a realisation occurred that this condition didn’t have to restrict him; this was followed by being given a successful trial to play semi-professional standard football for Dartford FC in youth years, then transitioning into a marathon-running machine, running his first to support a local paediatric diabetes clinic in 3 hours 1 minute.

Today, Gavin is an accomplished endurance runner, having taken on over 100 challenges around the world to fundraise and support various causes & charities linked to type 1 diabetes. In starting DiAthlete, Gavin has teamed up with proactive diabetes organisations & fellow patient advocates to improve the standard of communication in the approach towards diabetes education, and to grow grassroots platforms that network local communities together & create fun, engaging and active forms of workshops to break down the psychological diabetes hurdles. 

Gavin has experienced physical challenges in all conditions around the world, gone the distance in major endurance feats – from running the length of his homeland the United Kingdom, to looping around it in the duration of a month – and has kick-started a future generation of patient-advocacy through the League of DiAthletes programme.

“Diabetes did not change you from being you, it opened up a new part of you to grow into.”


Thanet Coastal Challenge, 23rd August 2008, 29 miles in 3 hr 1 min for Queen Mary’s Diabetes Centre, Sidcup; Bexley Athletics Club, 13th in Kent Championships in Gillingham 2009 (5km cross country); Goa Half Marathon, India, 11th April 2009, 1 hr 42 ; Isle of Wight Challenge July 2009 for Diabetes UK, 70 miles (50 miles complete, pulled-up); Thanet back-to-back challenge, April 2010, 58 miles, 7 hr 50; Isle of Wight Challenge 8th August 2010 for Diabetes UK, 70 miles, 16hr 51; Hastings to Brighton challenge for JDRF UK, 14th April 2012, 44 miles in 8 hr 23; London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, 19th July 2012; John O’Groats to Lybster, 30 miles, 27th April 2013, 5hr 35; Tain – Inverness, 33 miles, 28th April 2013, 7hr15; Inverness – Forres, 31 miles, 29th April 2013, 8hr 45; Insch – Aberdeen, 30 miles, 30th April 2013, 8hr15; Aberdeen – Johnshaven, 34 miles, 1st May 2013, 10hr 20; Montrose – Dundee, 30 miles, 2nd May 2013, 9hr 35; Dundee – Perth, 30 miles, 3rd May 2013 (20 miles complete) 7hr 10; Perth – Dunfermline, 29 miles, 4th May 2013, 8hr 40; Glasgow – Wishaw, 32 miles, 5th May 2013, 9hr 20; Airdrie – Edinburgh, 31 miles (16 miles complete) 6th May 2013 5hr30; Edinburgh – Dunbar, 28 miles, 7th May 2013 (18 miles complete)5hr 50; Newcastle – Hexham, 33 miles, 8th May 2013, 11hr10; Bardon Mill – Carlisle, 32 miles, 9th May 2013, 10hr 25; Carlisle – Workington, 29 miles, 10th May 2013, 8hr 45; Lancaster- Fleetwood, 32 miles, 11th May 2013, 9hr 15; Blackpool – Blackburn, 30 miles, 12th May 2013, 8hr 40; Manchester – Liverpool, 31 miles, 13th May 2013, 9hr 10; Liverpool – Wrexham, 33 miles, 14th May 2013, 9hr 30; Wrexham – Crewe, 29 miles, 15th May 2013 (20 miles complete), 7hr 15; Stoke – Telford, 36 miles,16th May 2013, 11hr 20; Telford – Birmingham, 32 miles, 17th May 2013, 10hr 30; Birmingham – Worcester, 30 miles, 18th May 2013, 8hr 45; Worcester – Gloucester, 32 miles, 19th May 2013, 8hr 50; Stroud – Bristol, 31 miles, 20th May 2013, 9hr20; Cheddar – Taunton, 31 miles, 21st May 2013, 8hr 45; Taunton – Exeter, 33 miles, 22nd May 2013, 9hr50; Torquay – Plymouth, 32 miles, 23rd May 2013, 9hr 30; Plymouth – Bodmin, 32 miles, 24th May 2013, 9hr 25; Bodmin – St Agnes, 30 miles, 25th May 2013, 9hr; St Agnes – Land’s End, 36 miles, 26th May 2013, 9hr 30; South Australia Road Runners 5k caper, 4th place, 10th December 2013; South Australia Challenge, Adelaide, SA, for JDRF AU, 13th December 2013, 40 miles in 8hr 12; Manhattan Marathons Challenge for Marjorie’s Fund around Long Island, NY, 7th – 13th September 2014: Manhattan – Rockville, Rockville – Bayshore, Bayshore – Southaven, Southaven – Port Jefferson, Port Jefferson – Centerport, Centerport – Bayside, Bayside – Manhattan; ASCOTID Trail Race Half Marathon, Targu Mures, Romania, April 2015; Bear Grylls Survivor Race, London, 20th September 2015 for JDRF UK; Tema – Accra Half Marathon, Ghana, 15th October 2015, 1hr 45; [email protected] 5km race, Vancouver, 4th December 2015; DiAthlete Balkan Tour 5k challenges: 14th April 2016 Belgrade, Serbia, 16th April 2016, Sofia, Bulgaria (5K Bulgaria race finishing 20th of 500), 19th April 2016, Zagreb, Croatia; Dia Vida 5K San Jose, Costa Rica, 25th June 2016; ASCOTID Trail Race, Half Marathon, Targu Mures, Romania, 10th September 2016; [email protected], Valencia, Spain, 21st October 2016; 5K Running Global Tour 2017: 28th May 2017, Klaipeda, Lithuania, 31st May, Lisbon, Portugal, 3rd June, Accra, Ghana, 10th June, Oakland, CA, USA, 17th June 2017, San Jose, Costa Rica, 25th June, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 23rd July, Hong Kong, China, 25th July, Nadi, Fiji, 28th July Suva, Fiji.

Somerset Cycle Challenge, 5th & 6th November 2013, 100 miles; mHealth Grand Tour 1500km from Brussels to Geneva, 3rd – 12th September 2015: Stage 1 – Brussels to Cambrai, Cambrai to Reims, Reims to Paris; Stage 2 – Paris to Troyes, Troyes to Langres, Langres to Belfort; Stage 3 – Belfort to Yverdon, Yverdon to Morzine, Morzine to Geneva; Bike Ride around Lake Platelei with the Lithuania Diabetes Association, 5th August 2017.

Charlton Athletic FC, Crayford Arrows, Dartford FC, Bromley FC, Phoenix Sports FC

Gavin delivered a great presentation to a packed house at the Minneapolis JDRF headquarters. Talking about his amazing accomplishments is a quick way to inspire people. Gavin openly shares the struggles he faces along the way (yet in a positive way) which is something everyone can relate to, no matter where they are on their diabetes journey. It builds a great connection between Gavin and his audience and brings his presentations to the next level.

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