Latest Past Events

DiAthlete T1D Past, Present, Future

Join our free virtual end of year w0rkshop where we will look into and discuss the past, present and future of type 1 diabetes healthcare. With a great panel of diverse and unique experiences lined up, we will look at the history and life stories of changing treatments through time, investigate the present situation and


DiAthlete Workshop: Planning & Prepping

This month's focus at DiAthlete is around the experiences of hypos and hypers, awareness around the various impacts they can have, and tips we can take into our daily lives on planning and preparing. Our virtual workshop on Wednesday 28th July, 6pm British Summer Time, will provide the opportunity to connect with others in our


DiAthlete T1D Diagnosis Workshop

On Wednesday 30th June, at 6pm British Summer Time, DiAthlete will host this month's support workshop focused on diagnosis to type 1 diabetes and key areas of guidance, information and encouragement that you may need around it. If you or your family member has been recently diagnosed, we aim to tailor this Zoom-based event in