DiAthlete offers a variety of type 1 diabetes educational workshops for set age groups and families connected by this condition, and for health professional teams working in diabetes care. Get in contact if you wish to enquire about hosting a workshop.

DiAthlete Sports Clinics – for Children with Diabetes

Sports Clinics are the signature DiAthlete Workshop that have been active, quite literally, since 2014. These events bring young people living with type 1 together to fully understand ‘the basics’ about their condition and to overcome the psychological hurdles of acceptance in the process. DiAthlete has created practical games and activities for those attending to learn about diabetes in a fun and memorable approach, where Team Insulin tries to breakdown Team Carbs with a Glucose Ball, where Team Immune System tries to bowl out Team Beta Cells to stop them scoring Insulin Runs, where hypo means to squat down low and hyper to jump up high… the sports clinics put smiles back on faces whilst planting key areas of knowledge into the minds.

DIA Sessions – for Older Adolescents & Young Adults with T1D

DIA Sessions are aimed for older adolescents and young adults (16-25 year olds) living with type 1, to meet others sociably of a similar age group and ask questions and talk about delicate subjects which most wouldn’t feel comfortable doing in front of family members or health professionals, whilst taking steps towards social independence with diabetes as an objective outcome. DIA stands for drugs, intercourse & alcohol, for young type 1s to understand the differing potential impacts on blood glucose levels in social situations, and to equip themselves for independent situations and personal decisions in the future.

Art of Conversation Workshops – for Health Professionals in Diabetes

Delivering the patient perspective and working to improve the approach to consultations in clinic or health centre appointments for health professionals working in diabetes care. A collaborative team generates wider outcomes, and a more personal tone to communication helps to make crucial education go in one ear and not out of the other.

Type New 1s Sessions – for recently diagnosed type 1s, partners & family members

Sharing personal stories from those who have lived for long periods with the condition as vital tools of reassurance and experience for those recently diagnosed, holding open question and answer sessions for families to build a stronger understanding of type 1 diabetes from the start, and introducing a network of fellow type 1s and families impacted by this condition to realise that you are not alone with this.

Type OMG Meet Ups – for Parents, Carers & Family Members to let the steam off

Local sessions for Parents & Family members to have the opportunity to let the steam out about diabetes, away from having to carb-count, meeting other families in the process. These sessions are planned to be away from the child or person living with type 1, for an open discussion and meeting, again in a sociable environment, to share frustrations whilst finding key tips and advices. We believe the more the frustration is bottled up, or reflected when the alerts and low or high blood sugars come about, the harder the psychological impact will be on both parent / family member and the person living with type 1 who senses these negative emotions. This new session of DiAthlete aims to connect local families, get the negative energy out in the open, share in common the frustrations and then work together to find answers, new techniques and steps towards more peace of mind in day-to-day living with diabetes.




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A positive message to those who need to hear it: type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


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