DiAthlete has been operating support workshops for people living with, families impacted by and health professionals working in care for type 1 diabetes since 2014.

With the current COVID-19 Pandemic, DiAthlete has adjusted to produce monthly virtual workshops with a supportive network of diabetes teams from NHS & HSC Trusts. Each month, DiAthlete will host 2 virtual workshops on a set topic in diabetes care that you can register to on our upcoming events page. Though a different setting online to our normal face to face agenda, DiAthlete aims to keep these workshops engaging, providing helpful tips and open Q&As with experts on each topic, from exercise & nutrition, to pregnancies, socialising and mental health.

Sharing a special thanks to our supportive network of Diabetes Teams who are connecting with this agenda throughout 2021: Croydon Health, Kings College, North West London, Royal Cornwall, Royal Gloucestershire, Southern Trust, South Tees, Warwick. 

January 2021: Exercise Workshop

February 2021: Type 1 Diabetes & Mental Health Workshop

Optimistic for a Supportive Future!

While these platforms of supportive engagement can continue virtually from what we have learnt to adapt with through the current pandemic, we are also optimistic that our past methods of practical, face to face workshops will, soon enough, also be able to return. These workshops include “DiAthlete Days” for children & adolescents to meet and learn together through active educational games to begin to see diabetes in a more positive light and take steps towards personal independence with a deeper understanding of the condition: activities include sporty fixtures of Team Meals vs Team Insulin, a boot-camp understanding of the diabetes terminologies with hypo squats, hyper jumps and insulin wiggles… and opening up in a creative way about diabetes dislikes and diabetes likes.

Other DiAthlete workshops include sessions with Health Teams on “the Art of Conversation”, to help improve outcomes from consultations with consideration the language being used and responses of the patients.

Independence on Insulin – for adult transitioning age groups to meet others of a similar age and be coached on the core steps into self responsibilities including advice around socialising, new responsibilities with prescriptions and appointments, and relationships while taking part in a social activity such as an Escape Room or a Social Group Meal.

Parenting Pontoons – meet ups, away from the children, for parents supporting children / adolescents with diabetes. A social way to breakdown the stress and anxieties and to refocus on how to take on this condition in home life, and to effectively pass on the responsibilities in time to the loved one living with it.




DiAthlete programmes are a great way to meet, network and share their experiences. Unite and strengthen your diabetes community today.