We perform a series of themed workshops to supply essential type 1 diabetes advice and encourage type 1 diabetes networking.

DIA sessions: Drugs, Intercourse & Alcohol – openly talking and networking with young adult and adolescent patients on the affects drugs and alcohol can have on blood glucose levels, with advice and insights provided on delicate matters.

School Workshops: passing on both type 1 and type 2 diabetes awareness to schools, and positive empowerment on achieving your goals.

DiAthlete Diagnosis: a workshop for recently (within first year) diagnosed patients and families, to introduce them to life with type 1 diabetes, with reassurance and encouragement through Gavin’s story.

DIA sessions – Drugs, Intercourse & Alcohol

The great majority of adolescents and young adults living with type 1 diabetes feel there is a massive lack of information available when it comes to the topic of night life – from drinking alcohol to sexual intercourse. It is a delicate subject for both the person living with diabetes and also the Health Care professionals to address. Young adults need the commitment, understanding and above all else the connection to get the best guidance – and personal experiences are a key way to cover this matter.
DiAthlete’s DIA Sessions open the floor for a handful of young adults to engage with each other – instead of pushing them into an uncomfortable corner during a consultation – they have the freedom of conversation with others around them sharing diabetes in common, led by Gavin as a relatable figure who can steer the topics and use personal experience to pass on advice, involcing HCPs in the debate.
DIA Sessions are planned for a duration of 1 and a half hours and are most effective in collaboration with NHS Trusts / Hospitals – on week nights.

New 1s:

DiAthlete New 1s are sessions targetted for recently diagnosed people with type 1 diabetes & their families, diagnosed with the last year, with the objective to pass on infirmation about living with this condition whilst encouraging and answering any questions on it – with Gavin speaking from personal experience. Gavin will share a talk on his personal journey, from where he struggled early on to where he found his way in living with this condition – to pass on direct positive empowerment and help uplift spirits early on following such a big shock and lifestyle change. By passing on a positive attitude towards accepting this condition and working with it, we can help people get the best long term results for their health from the word go!
Recommended for Hospitals and Trusts / Week Nights or Weekend Days. 1 – 1.5 hours.

HCPs Pontoon Sessions

DiAthlete Pontoon sessions aspire to bridge the gap between Health Care Professionals & their patients by directly speaking from the patient’s perspective to Health Care Professionals working with patients who have type 1 diabetes. Gavin has twice spoken at ISPAD to offer guidance on what has worked and has not worked from personal experience, in 2017 teaming with Pr Deborah Christie of UCLH. And in 2017 at the SIGPeP (pyschologist conference for paedatric HCPs working with chronic illnesses) the feedback blossomed for the value of having Gavin provide the patient’s point of view.
The Pontoon Session will directly engage with HCPs from the patient’s narrative, where Gavin will share his story and experiences that have seem him succeed in supporting patients living with type 1 from various age groups both domestically and globally – before hosting a Q&A with the professionals to help guide them for more effective relationships and consultations with their patients.
1 hour. Recommended for Weekdays / Training Events

Gavin delivered a great presentation to a packed house at the Minneapolis JDRF headquarters. Talking about his amazing accomplishments is a quick way to inspire people. Gavin openly shares the struggles he faces along the way (yet in a positive way) which is something everyone can relate to, no matter where they are on their diabetes journey. It builds a great connection between Gavin and his audience and brings his presentations to the next level.

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A positive message to those who need to hear it: type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


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