We partner with Hospitals, Diabetes Centres, Associations and Support Groups to provide fun and practical methods of type 1 diabetes education for both child and adolescent age group patients living with diabetes.

Themed on sporting activities, the DiAthlete Sports Clinic sessions bring people together to shed positivity and empowerment into their type 1 diabetes understanding; with games such as ‘Tag Rugby Insulin’ – where Team Insulin has to work to break down Team Carbohydrates – and challenges such as the Basal-Bolus dance, Gavin uses his energy and personal experiences to provide key T1D tips which all participants are certain to remember!

Valued information on exercise and diabetes management furthermore gets provided.

DiAthlete Sports Clinics bring fun, friendship and energy into type 1 diabetes education – with key tips and advice being implemented regarding the various forms of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, and what impacts they can have on blood glucose levels during and post activity.

DiAthlete has partned with many Support Groups, Hospitals and Healthcare Trusts – from Princess Margaret’s Hospital in Perth, West Australia, to the University of Oxford Hospital, UK, and have always received 100% positive feedback, succeeding in DiAthlete’s mission to provide type 1 diabetes education with encouragement.

The Sports Clinic sessions are flexible but on average operate for 2 hours. If a Hospital or Trust, we recommend hosting age-grouped sessions through the day, with children age groups first and then adolescent groups second, with a talk / snack break in between. The events furthermore provide opportunities for HCPs to engage more direct and socially with families and answer any questions parents might have whilst their child engages with the sports clinic activities.

By bringing young people living with diabetes away from the gloomy atmosphere of ‘having’ to attend clinic, inside hospital walls, and by introducing them to others of a similar age range also living with type 1 diabetes mellitus, the Sports Clinics provide an uplifiting vibe to empower young people to to accept and feel better about their condition. With games such as Tag Rugby insulin, where Team Insulin has to break down Team Carbohydrates, the objecive is to learn more about diabetes in a practical and fun style.


DiAthlete operates a range of events & workshops, and participates in active challenges. View more here.


A positive message to those who need to hear it: type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from fulfilling your dreams.


DiAthlete Education Programmes represent our initiative to educate, encourage and empower diabetes communities with fun and active sessions


DiAthlete programmes are a great way to meet, network and share their experiences. Unite and strengthen your diabetes community today.