DiAthlete’s UK “DiAdvocates Camp” is for young adults with type 1 diabetes to connect sociably with others living with the condition – sharing experiences and ideas – over a 5-day training period to enhance personal knowledge on the independent subjects of diabetes and nutrition, exercise and socialising, whilst learning key skills to go on and support local diabetes communities, and help educate schools & workplaces, through DiAthlete. Each successful camp applicant will be given a training camp certificate, be guided in their community projects and be connected to the League of DiAthlete’s global advocacy network. 

In 2019, DiAthlete hosted its first ever DiAdvocates Camp in the UK at Gilwell Park Scouts Adventures, with 23 young advocates attending. The training was assisted by supportive members of LOD’s global network to lead the sessions and assist in the activities – with also the valued experiences of Peter Davies attending, who has lived over 62 years with type 1.