#DearDrBanting Campaign

It has been 100 years since the famous co-discovery of insulin, that has continuously saved millions of lives ever since. In this campaign, teaming up with Banting House in Canada, we simply wish to say THANK YOU! Not only to Dr Banting, but to those who make a positive impact in our lives today.

How it works? 

  • Screenshot the letter template – you can find this letter template (also localised across numerous languages) on Instagram and Facebook. Search for @diathlete @leagueofdiathletes @bantinghousenhs among other organisations sharing across the League of DiAthletes network.
  •  Make a ‘story’ with the template, editing in your words for the #DearDrBanting letter, on what you are personally thankful for on your diabetes journey
  • Tag in those in your life today who you wish to share thanks to for their support or involvement in your diabetes life – and share to them the template should they wish to write their letter too!
  • By tagging in @diathlete @bantinghousenhs we will store all #DearDrBanting letters from around the world in the same Highlight – and on 14 November Banting House in Canada will publicly read out some of the letters of thanks at their annual WDD event too.
  • You can also share your letter as a post on both IG and Facebook and use hashtag #DearDrBanting

The first letter to Banting was constructed by then 5 year old Teddy Ryder, one of the first 4 children to receive insulin as a diagnosed person with type 1 diabetes in 1922. Teddy went on to live a full life from 1916 (diagnosed in 1922) until 1993. In his childhood letter of thanks, he shared:

‘Dear Dr Banting, I wish you could come to see me. I am a fat boy now and I feel fine. I can climb a tree.’

Teddy Ryder, before and after insulin.