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Punchy Pancreas

Is my pancreas ‘extinct?’ It’s not often the average person thinks about the details of organs inside of us such as the #pancreas, sure the heart, brain & lungs are the popular kids we all can think of - in living with #type1diabetes suddenly the pancreas gets catapulted to number 1 organ! But what exactly

NHS Funded Mobile Health?

Having just accomplished the challenge of running 25 marathon-distance routes across the U.K & Ireland in the space of one month – an extreme mission which enhanced itself through coinciding with my daily challenge of managing type 1 diabetes – the evidence is there to reflect the exponential advantages that the use of technology brings

DiAthlete’s Mother

1.What do you recall your initial reaction being when you first heard about your son, Gavin’s diagnosis to type 1 diabetes? “I was in shock to start with - the doctor had asked me to leave a urine sample and within half hour rang me and said Gavin's urine is so high in sugar that

A Diamond Jubilee of Diabetes!

PETE DAVIES has lived with type 1 diabetes for over 61 years! Gavin caught up with him at the start of 2018 for a #TeamDiAthlete interview to reflect on the many changes he has experienced in health care and his more recent connection to the type 1 diabetes network - and what a difference that

The Condition of Communication

Shakira Chahal is from Dumbarton, and gets admitted to Royal Alexandria, Paisley, just outside of Glasgow in Scotland. She is 23 years old, a mother and had an adolescent aged diagnosis to type 1 diabetes, at 17 years old. Shakira has very bravely and very openly shared about what has been a difficult period in health

Sana Ajmal: Type 1 in Pakistan

  Sana Ajmal from Islamabad, Pakistan - who will be joining us in Greenwich, London, on Saturday 11th November for the DiAthlete Global Premiere! How old were you when diagnosed with t1 diabetes and in those early years how much did you / your family know about the condition? “It was my 15th birthday. I was