Diagnosis to type 1 diabetes is a tough one to take on the chin. The way to handle it is by keeping your guard up: test those blood sugars regularly, always be prepared in situations and never let it get you down.

My diagnosis to type 1 diabetes was in January 2000, the turn of the new Millennium. So my DiAversary date each year is always easy to remember but my biggest concern was….could I still play sports?  The response was: “Diabetes will have a significant affect on your lifestyle, particularly in sports.”

I’ve been proving that guy wrong ever since…

  • First Challenge: 2008, 29 mile challenge running the coastline of Thanet for Queen Mary’s Hospital Diabetes Centre

  • Biggest Challenge: 2013, completing the GBR 30/30 Challenge – 30 miles every day for 30 days from John O’Groats to Land’s End, U.K!

  • Furthest Travelled Project: the Fiji Islands during 2017’s DiAthlete Global Tour, running a series of 5km runs with local diabetes communities

Gavin delivered a great presentation to a packed house at the Minneapolis JDRF headquarters. Talking about his amazing accomplishments is a quick way to inspire people. Gavin openly shares the struggles he faces along the way (yet in a positive way) which is something everyone can relate to, no matter where they are on their diabetes journey. It builds a great connection between Gavin and his audience and brings his presentations to the next level.

Scott Johnson • Scott's Diabetes


DiAthlete engages with local communities to put on active, relatable & community based workshops and events to support type 1 diabetes education and empowerment.


Gavin has accomploished over 100 endurance challenges living with type 1 diabetes, explored the world & met and teamed with diverse communities each impacted by type 1 diabetes worldwide, which creates a fascinating, inspiring & insightful story to hear!


DiAthlete workshops address type 1 diabetes and exercise, nutrition & social lifestyles, whilst also being tailored for youth living with diabetes, parents and family members, health professionals and those newly diagnosed. DiAthlete’s approach is to be open, relatable and engaging whilst communicating about diabetes.


The League of DiAthletes develops an international team of passionate patient-advocates living with type 1 diabetes, the ‘DiAdvocates,’ & connects a network of dedicated diabetes patient organisations around the world, to bridge the gaps which exist from the misconceptions to personal understandings of life with type 1 diabetes, to build diverse platforms for grassroots projects and to educate, encourage & empower the future of this cause.