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It is a natural ability very much to speak publicly in front of people, a skill which I am proud to posses. And anybody is capable of doing it with the right frame of mindset. I have had the pleasure of speaking at a number of great events with great audiences, in front of brilliant voluntary diabetes support groups and even to a few encouraging schools over the past few years.

Personally it all comes very much from the heart, where I can combine my passion in sports and extreme challenges to support the diabetes cause with motivating others.


The Energetic Diabetic

It has been pleasing to see my talks go down very well at every event to date and it always means a great deal personally to see people affected by type 1 diabetes – those living with it or family members also affected by it – coming up to thank me, asking some more questions and telling me their stories afterwards. In my previous two talks recently I decided to add a little more to the ‘routine’ if you like and I believe that these talks were arguably my most effective to date as a result…

I added more ENERGY!

It has become more of a showcase than just a talk in my view and from here on I intend to give every audience that Diathlete experience whenever I am in town talking – that’s a promise! Talks are all well and good but instead of only speaking through the microphone I felt it would be more to physically show what it is all about – after all I am talking of extreme challenges I have succeeded in, so why not highlight extreme?! By putting on my infamous yellow running trainers and moving about I really felt that connection with the audiences and from the incredible responses I have received since – the audience really felt the connection with me too!

I’m the energetic diabetic and intend to show others that with the right attitude and self-belief, you WILL beat your diabetes and control it and you CAN achieve anything you set your mind to do in life!

Type 1 Diabetes never has and never will stop me from achieving a thing – it only has motivated me to achieve more! I just can’t wait until the next show…


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