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A story packed with adventure, good humour, travels which provide a global insight to the world of diabetes, sporting accomplishments and above all a positive message to those who need to hear it: type 1 diabetes doesn’t have to stop you from fulfilling your dreams. Nothing does.

To host Gavin Griffiths as a public / motivational speaker please see the below fees for events. Travel expenses (economy class) must be covered and if necessary, accommodation expenses.

Support Group Events: UK £100 / US $140
Healthcare Service Events: UK £250 / US $350
Evening / Dinner Speaker: UK £350 / US $500
Professional Conferences: UK £500 / US $700
Company Speaker: UK £500 / US $700

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“Gavin delivered a great presentation to a packed house at the Minneapolis JDRF headquarters in September (2014). Talking about his amazing accomplishments is a quick way to inspire people, and that he did, no question. Gavin openly shares the struggles he faces along the way (yet in a positive way) which is something everyone can relate to, no matter where they are on their diabetes journey. It builds a great connection between Gavin and his audience and brings his presentations to the next level.” Scott Johnson, ‘Scott’s Diabetes’ 


Mayor of Bexley, UK, Councillor Sharon Johnson Massey.

‘I first met Gavin when he was an Olympic Torch Bearer, his enthusiasm, commitment and drive to succeed as a ‘diathlete’ stood out even then. When I became Mayor of the London Borough of Bexley, Gavin was a natural choice to help launch my charity supporting children with Type 1 Diabetes. Gavin is a true inspiration to young and old alike demonstrating that if you truly want something in life nothing will stop you achieving your goals. Gavin is an outstanding young man and Bexley is proud to have him as a citizen of the borough.’

Mayor of Bexley



Tracy Penny, parent of Callum who lives with type 1.

‘Heard Gavin speaking at a fundraising event. I found Gavin’s speech informative and light-hearted and he kept his audience interested for the duration.

When describing what it was like growing up with type 1 diabetes, he gave information that I will find useful in both managing my son’s school life and when he gets to early adulthood. In Callum’s eyes Gavin made him (and us) realise that anything is achievable, with or without diabetes!’

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Liz Varlow, Chair of the DUK Lambeth, Lewisham and Southwark Family Support Group:

‘Gavin came and spoke to our Family support group last November. We were a mixture of teenagers, young people and parents.

He told us of some of his diabetic life history, honestly and factually but so amusingly. Some of his experiences were poignant, some very funny, but he gave us all a notion of growing up as a diabetic. The adults were fascinated – a look into the future for parents, and the younger group were rather in awe, but as he put it, he is “a regular geezer with needles”  and so was very accessible despite having achieved some incredible things. He brought along his Olympic Torch and had a good variety of presentation styles from Powerpoint to video.

He was very generous with his time and life story and I would highly recommend him to any group, wherever they want information on diabetes or inspiring life achievement stories. He is also an inspiring peer speaker for younger people.

I wish him well with whatever endeavour he undertakes next.’


Penny Jackson, Guys and St Thomas Hospital, Diabetes Dietitian.

‘Every year we arrange for a young adult with type 1 diabetes to come along and talk to a group of teenagers living with diabetes. This year we were lucky enough to have Gavin Griffiths who spoke about his experiences of marathon running, training, studying, raising money for charity and being an Olympic Torchbearer as well as about living life with diabetes. He was an inspiration for the young people who were pleased to hear him talk in such a down to earth way about his amazing achievements as well as take advantage of the photo opportunity with an Olympic torch.’


Kevin Winchcombe, parent to Amy who lives with type 1. Portsmouth UK.

‘I first heard about Gavin’s public speaking from my daughter’s diabetes Doctor, who said that she’d heard Gavin speak about diabetes not holding you back. “He was so inspirational”; “People with diabetes would do well to hear what he says”. Gavin talks with so much passion about what he wants to achieve that I found myself inspired to join him in his GBR30/30 challenge, even though I was only meant to be getting my daughter to join him for a day.

Gavin’s post challenge party speech had a good balance of facts and humour, keeping the audience engaged at all points, this being balanced with a good presentation. Gavin spoke at a diabetes conference (Greater Minds Inspire) to an audience of children. All the kids were amazed by his efforts and he connected well with the audience of 11-21 year olds.

In short, Gavin manages to tailor his speeches/presentation to the audience, be it children, adults or health care professionals. He keeps the audience engaged throughout and I’ve never heard of anyone who’s heard him speak and doesn’t leave feeling amazed/inspired.’

Sheila Burston, Diabetes UK Bexley Diabetes Support Group. Bexley UK.

‘In May 2012 I invited Gavin Griffiths along to a Diabetes UK Bexley Support Group meeting at the United Reformed Church, Bexleyheath to speak about his experiences of life with Type 1 diabetes.

Gavin, along with two friends from the Bexley Young Diabetic Group spoke about their experiences and Gavin gave a very inspiring talk on his achievements to date since he started by running in the 29 mile Thanet Coastal Run of 2008 to raise funds for Queen Mary’s, Sidcup, where he received his diabetes care. Gavin has since gone on to set himself enormous challenges and has just completed a John O’Groats to Land’s End run in aid of Diabetes UK and the JDRF just to prove that Type 1 diabetes does not prevent him doing anything he sets his mind on.  

Gavin’s inspiring talk was very well received and members of the group were very impressed by Gavin’s achievements in spite of having Type 1 diabetes.’


Alastair Mackinlay, Twickenham & Richmond Diabetes UK Voluntary Group.

‘Very many thanks for coming to our meeting. It was a great success. Everyone from the 8 year olds to the geriatrics was inspired by your account of your adventures.

Good luck with your expedition down under and very best wishes for the future.’

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Becky Seymour, parent to Corey who lives with type 1

‘I had the pleasure of seeing Gavin talk at the JDRF Duxford Diabetes Day very recently and i found it to be truly inspirational!

As a mum to a very energetic seven year old who has Type 1 Diabetes i found the experiences Gavin shared and advices he offered to be both reassuring and uplifting.

He is a breath of fresh air and his zest for life is contagious. A fantastic role model for adults and children alike, with or without Diabetes.

I look forward to supporting him on his quest to raise awareness for Type 1 Diabetes.’

Here are some responses from Diabetes South Australia after their Diathlete Seminar in Adelaide on 11th December 2013:

‘Fantastic Speaker, great information, great humour’

‘Gavin’s positive outlook about living with type 1 is very inspiring.’

‘Very interesting young man. He’s an inspiration!’

‘Thanks for the inspiring story Gavin’

‘I think overall the best thing I took from this was motivation, mostly due to Gavin’s attitude to dealing with diabetes. I’ve been diabetic for 17 years and lately finding it increasingly frustrating to get right, especially as I’ve always been athletic. Cheers!’

type1 t

‘It was really inspiring to hear someone talk so positively about diabetes for a change!’

‘Great to hear other experiences and strategies. Thanks for putting the effort into the talk.’

‘Fantastic session – good to have a session with a diabetic to hear from ‘the horses-mouth’. A fascinating talk – well done!’ 

‘It was fantastic to hear from a type 1 diabetic who has achieved so much and isn’t afraid to get out there and give things a go. I particularly loved that he spoke so honestly about how he fears for his diabetes in a way that I could relate to. Very inspiring and makes me think anything is possible.’


Chris Huke, parent of Alfie who lives with type 1 diabetes, his 30/30 story:

‘It all started when the voice of David Haye filled our lounge, ‘what are you watching’ I asked Rachel, ‘some video supporting some crazy dude running from John O’Groats to Lands End, oh and he is type 1′ was the response, having watched the clip I was sold, I’ve got to run with him I thought, I will send him an email. So I did just that thinking I hope he comes back to us.

The next morning we told our type 1 son Alfie all about it, he like us was hooked right away, then a few days later we got the response from Gavin, ‘yep come and run oh and bring Alfie too he can run with the Olympic Torch’ – WOW!

Before we knew it Gavin had started his epic adventure and Twitter went crazy checking for updates, Alfie was well and truly hooked telling everyone he was running a 30 mile leg of an epic adventure with Gavin – and everybody already knew of Gavin!

So a few emails later, Alfie’s headmistress letting him out of school for the day, oh and letting 4 classes line the route, it was our turn to support Gavin.

Gavin was great, meeting Alfie and having to answer my many questions on how it was all going. Gavin set off for the day with his sister and Jeff another parent with a type 1 daughter – Mimi. The plan was to meet them at halfway and I would join them with Alfie running past his school. 

After a slight hiccup- Gavin twisting his ankle, we met up and Alfie and Gavin ran past his school with about 100 pupils on the street to give a massive cheer. Certainly a proud moment watching Alfie and Gavin stop for photos, high 5’s etc. Alfie looked chuffed!

It was then my turn as Gavin, Jeff and I ran into the centre of Bristol. All the way Gavin was telling stories of his journey to date. I was struck by how rounded he was, clearly motivated and he had a vision to prove to others that type 1 was not going to stop him.

With about 1/2 mile to the end we met up with Alfie again and he run with us to the finish, yet again another proud Dad moment, watching my boy running with the Olympic torch into my home city.

So that was it? No never, after saying our goodbyes, we went home with a new hero, Alfie’s last words as he went to bed – ‘Daddy one day I’m going to do a Gavin and you can run with me!’

For the last week of the challenge we were again glued to twitter to make sure Gavin finished and as news came through that he had finished a cold beer was toasted in his honour!

So did meeting Gavin make a difference to Alfie? Too right! He now knows that he can achieve anything, in fact only a few weeks later at sports day Alfie was a star winning 5 out of 6 races – (he came second in the 6th). He has also made a decision to move to a pump to help improve his control and he wants to show everyone ‘hey I’m a diabetic and I’m in control’. Meeting Gavin has been an inspiration to us all, a top bloke with a massive heart.’


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  8. Donna, what a great choice, perhaps you should sponsor MDI’r Gav with a pump+CGM to assist you in getting the word out there and taking your research forward?

    Would this event be a public one or private for your organisation? My type 1 12 year old daughter Amy (mentioned above – Bodmin) is currently using Roche equipment.

    Kev: @oceantragic

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  10. donna thompson says:

    I am very inspired reading about you. I have a n 18 year old son with type 1 since he was 2 years old. I work for Roche a company who make the insulin pumps and Accu Chek blood glucoe metres. Do you wear a pump in order to do all this sport? I am interested in find a motivational speaker to come to a meeting to talk about diabetes and exercise.

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