DiAthlete Educational Programmes

DiAthlete Programmes: a fun and effective way to learn about your diabetes! 


DiAthlete Education Programmes represent our initiative to educate, encourage and empower diabetes communities with fun and active sessions, to explore how the body reacts in various forms of exercise and coach the best methods of keeping stable blood glucose level control, before, during and after your sporty days!

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We are going to turn the negative view of ‘having to live with diabetes’ on its ugly head, we are not ‘diabetics’ we are DIATHLETES! 

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These programmes provide great opportunities for people and their families to meet, network and share their experiences. A major aim of DiAthlete is to unite and strengthen diabetes communities and these engaging sessions are a great way to do it!

We’ve tried and tested pilot programmes since 2014 and the feedback has been incredible! It makes a big difference having a positive atmosphere, perhaps away from the hospital walls, concerning your diabetes. The programmes particularly appeal for young type 1s and their families, with our trialled programmes reaching age groups between 7 – 17 years of age (living with type 1) and have involved the ‘type 3’ parents, siblings and friends. We have further created a programme suited for young adults, 18 – 30, which received great feedback from the IDF Young Leaders in Diabetes when in Vancouver.

We learn the reasonings behind blood sugar level spikes and crashes during and after exercise, the various forms of aerobic, anaerobic and ‘in-betweener’ sports and share advice on the best methods of managing control.

The programme takes on the following routine:

  1. Meet & Greet, an early blood sugar test and name learning exercise
  2. The Terminology Test – “when I shout HYPO let me see you get down low!” – a fun way to learn the basic diabetes words!
  3. The DiAthlete Talk – hear Gavin’s story from the machine’s mouth…
  4. Circle of Change – we are our stories, likes and hates about diabetes to let some ida-emotion out by throwing and kicking balls in a circle!
  5. Aerobic and Anaerobic – what these mean for your sports and blood sugars – with two practical drills in each form of exercise. Time to get running!
  6. The Bloodstream Grid – the group becomes Team Insulin and learns about the role insulin plays in our bodies, by acting as the insulin inside the bloodstream and handling the glucose balls!
  7. DiAthlete Game – we play some team sports games!
  8. DiAthlete Quiz – a final blood sugar check and a final jog, where the group is quizzed on what they’ve learned. Any wrong answers could mean a few sprints are thrown in! 

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To enquire about DiAthlete Education Programmes: 

Email Gavin: gavinc(dot)griffiths(at)yahoo.co.uk


Registered Address: 60 Luddesdon Rd, Erith, Greater London, United Kingdom, DA8 1NG

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